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5 Daily Do's That Can Make You A More PRODUCTIVE trader

Success in forex trading really comes down to the person, not so much the system. If you have a complete system one that tells you when to buy and when to sell, how much to buy/sell and when to exit the trade then the only thing keeping you from success is consistency in application and that really falls down to the mindset skills a trader possesses.

There is nothing physicals about trading, its pretty similar to business success, but to have success in business you need mental skills and consistent application, if you master this... success is only a matter of time.

Of-course keeping success is the epitome.

This blog post will go over 5 daily things you can do to create a more clear mind and if followed will help you build discipline in life and by doing so, you will also build it in your trading.

1 - Keep your trading station nice, clean and tidy

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that keeping your workplace nice and tidy will help you stay productive 1.5 times longer? - The things that are left undone, or just working in a dirty station will only remind you of tasks you haven’t finished yet.

Just like being clean (showered and fresh) makes you feel better, the same goes for your trading station.

I make it my business to clean it up once a week, not only does this help me feel good but also helps me to remain focused with the most important tasks at hand Monday to Friday, and that is making money!

2 - Work smarter, not harder

You don't need to spend the whole day at your station, in-fact the less you work the more you will acheive, just like the less you trade the more you will make. Of-course I am taking into account that you are doing productive work and you're following your system and routine.

Did you know that people who work 56 hours per week are as productive, as those working 70 hours per week... yes, you read that right: you can work less and still be productive.

Here's what you can do to be a more productive trader, before your working & trading day starts, sit down and make a list of your tasks for the day, number out the most important things from 1 - 5 (etc) and start on the most important task, the No.1 thing you need to do. - For me that is my watchlist and trading plan.

Possible Market Themes for 2021

3 - Always prepare your watchlist

Planning is key! I have found much more success in trading when I started planning not only my day, as listed above in point No.2, but when I would prepare my watchlist in advance.

One of the rules we have in our community,, is to always prepare our watchlist before trading, essentially finding 1-4 assets to focus on in the trading day and building a trade plan around it.

For example, in the last week of January 2021, we noticed that Bitcoin ( #BTCUSD ) is showing a solid potential for upside, we did a multi-chart analysis and clearly saw that the $30,308 price level is an imporant support and price was in a strong uptrend while making a correction to the 30k level, we added it to our watchlist and build a trade plan around it... we found a short-term bull back (on the 2m chart) and started buying... the result? A 6.5k profit in about 2 hours time.

PS: You can learn to trade like me by joining even for free! Just follow this link and apply.

4 - Get out, get some natural light!!

Being a full time (work from home) trader I sometimes don't leave the house in a few days, but this can really take a toll on my mental power... I realized that I need to take 1 day off, completely off!!! and just go out a little, especially on nice and sunny days! - Go get your dose of Vitamin D, whenever you can!

Taking time off is imperative, so much happens on just one trading day let alone a whole week of trading, and its important to clean our minds a little, recharge our focus and just get into that primed mindset that is just so important to forex trading success!

5 - Set clear goals and be reminded of them

I love reading books, especially personal skill development or motivational books... in fact it is them that put me on the path to being a day trader, and it is them that keep me on this path.

In many of these books I've read that goal setting is important, and I will just take two powerful books to explain the importance of having goals, the first book is "Think and Grow Rich" and the second "The 10x Rule", one book is quite old while the second is rather new, but they both express the importance of having a definite goal to shoot for!

Also many studies have proven the link between successful traders, parents, business men & Women and goal setting. Simply put, how do you expect to reach your desired destination if you do not know where that place is?

You've gotta set clearly defined short, and long term goals and be reminded of them every single day.

What I do, that you can replicate, is that I write my goals down every day, my top goals... the things can can and will make me happy if achieved. (I learnt that in the 10x Rule)

There are many ways to set and be reminded of your goals, find something that works for you... don't just copy the exact thing a book says, try things out and follow the process that really makes you tick! By following the above points you will not only become a better trader and person... but you will build an imperative trading skill... DICSIPLINE!

The way discipline is built in trading is by being disciplined in life first, and then trading will follow!

Mandatory Bonus: Exercise

I won't write much at this point... but just know this: A healthy body and mind are required for any kind of success.

Have fun, go out and have a few drinks... a few more sometimes... but take care of your body and workout at least 3 times a week. Do whatever you can whenever you can! - Just be consistent! Thats all we have today, good luck trading!

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