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Turn your life into a Masterpiece, and your Trading.

This post is all about one vital word, and that magic word is MOTIVATION! I'm going to go over exactly what I did a few months ago to put myself on track to make this year my best year yet!

This post will surely help get you motivated, all you need to do is finish it and start doing at least a few of the things I share with you today, but you can and should add in a few of your very own so it can be personalised towards your life, goals and ambitions.

Here's the thing when it comes to anything worthwhile... its about just diving in and doing it...

Let me give you an example, if you want to start going to the gym next week or tomorrow... just down and do 10 pushups, take a rest and do 10 more and do that for about 3 to 4 times... that's the first step! - And the secret of the successful is the "do it now" attitude.

Now, you might be thinking why I am putting a post about motivation, it's actually quite simple... trading is a mind game, the mental side of things will play a massive role in your success, in fact there are only 2 things successful traders have in common and that is:

  1. Mindset, they are well on the psychological side which results in them being disciplined and organized.

  2. Losses, they all lose money and have losing trades.

Everything else can and does differ.

So let me begin this post with one of the most important aspects... and that is removing the "distractions" from our lives.


These people, even though they might be friends, are in reality our biggest enemies as they are keeping us from being "great", or at the end of the day just motivated and productive.

Believe me, your mind will be calmer and you will just generally become more productive and happier... of course you might just be that negative person too, take a look in the mirror and analyze yourself... would people, friends, co-workers and family, say you are more on the positive or negative side? - If you don't know, then just give them a call right now and ask them to be honest with us.

Now, if you do the above, then you must take anything that might sound bad as CONSTRUCTIVE as the truth is here to help you become better.

Another good thing to do is make a list of all the people who are just "time wasters" and remove them from your life, you can do it slowly or quickly, but you need to do it if you want to be happy, as number one, and productive, successful and everything else that comes from not having negative people in your life.

Anyway, this really has helped me, and my results become much different when I don't have negativity and drama in my life. - I am sure it will help you too, so give it a go!


Now goal setting is vital to success because it allows you to know where you are going.

Your goals and targets will change with time, but having them with you is vital, and in fact I after I read the 10X book, I started writing my goals down daily... and I did that for about 6 months, 2x times a day, morning and night.

But, I found that it is much better for me to have my goals printed out as pictures and written down, all stuck together on a board.. a board which I review 2x times a day and use future pacing with meditation. Here's how this works:

I sit down, I look at my goals and close my eyes, then I imagine already having those goals achieved. I basically go to the future and then what I do is look back at the path taken, I see everything I had to do to achieve these goals and the time required to achieve it and then I simply understand what I need to do next which will bring me closer to the goal!

That is powerful stuff! And the important sectors you need to cover with your goals are:

  1. Health: Body, Energy, Well-being, Mental Toughness etc.

  2. Cash flow: Trading, Investments, Work etc.

  3. Knowledge: Books, Experience, Skills etc.

  4. Happiness: Where you are, who you are with, what you are doing etc.

  5. Family: Who is with you, How you treat them, Their health/happiness etc.

  6. Materialistic: Cars, Jewelry, Homes, Drinks, Food etc.

So that's my little motivation booster, but I also become the architect of my life... there is so much more to this and I could, and probably will, write a book about it, I just generally like to make my blog posts quick, so I don't have the time to write it all down, thats why Im focusing on the core.

Make sure you have quarterly, yearly and 3-5 year goals... play with this but quarterly and yearly are vital.

Here's what you should do right now before you move to the next point, write down 3 crazy goals, whatever they may be, then close your eyes and one by one visualise them, see them being a reality and stay there for at least 3 mins (put a timer) and you'll get a shot or two of pure, ice-cold motivation.

Remember, the brain is a muscle, you must train you DAILY! - And this is the best way to start!


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If you do chose to invest with us it is best to keep your initial investment small, something which you can afford to lose, even tough we use strategies and risk management to prevent losses, there are still many risks in trading the financial markets.

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I've made dozens of mistakes in my trading and journey to entrepreneurship... and every single one of them has provided me with a lesson, either an essential one or just one which helped me improve a skill or two...

The best thing to do here is to simply make a review of all mistakes in recent days, weeks and months... go over your weaknesses and just like with the goals, close your eyes and visualize how you removed them and then just get busy!


As I explained above, trading is so much of a mental game and the best way to improve your mental state in trading is to focus on fixing your everyday life things...

For example, if you want to build discipline in trading you MUST, and I repeat that MUST!!! become disciplined in your life and trading will follow.

But they way we trade with the PM system we actually don't need so much time a day, most days less than 60 minutes is enough of screen time to earn a decent return, so we must keep busy with other things and skill building is the best thing to do...

And if and when you become good at trading, especially if you join our community, you can make a surplus of money which you can use to invest in a different business... as multiple streams of income is the true, best and quickest way to create cash flow.

As important thing to understand with trading is that you should not depend solely on it for your income, its always best to have a secondary income to so you do not have to put pressure on yourself and not go too big to quick!

For me that is why I create courses and run the PM community, its a steady cash flow of doing something I am great at and love doing... eventually I want to start-up other businesses and that way I will really allow my account to grow with the law of compound interest which is supported by the structured position sizing my system trades by.


Here's the deal... this is the last "tip" I have for you, and it is the most important one. I'll be direct:

Who do you want to be? What is the best version of you? The happiness and most successful one?

Write that down as your main goal, and let the rest revolve around it!

Thats it!

Have fun, be busy and keep winning!

Denis Popivoda

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