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The Morning Routine of a Winner

If you start your morning right, with a correct routine, you will go a long way ahead of the herd.

I believe that winners are made based on what we do, and our morning routines have a massive impact on our success and that is why I want to write this post today.

I have achieved much success in my life and with my recent reflection of it, the success literally came from being devoted and organized 100% towards what we want to achieve because success is not what we wish for, but what we work for. - daily.

My mornings being at 05:00 am local Cyprus time and there are excellent reasons I do my best to get a jump start on the day.

Firstly, being in Europe, I think I have the perfect time-zone for trading the markets, because I get a jump start on most of the world before the major trading happens, I do miss the early Asian session which is normally fully of noise and low liquidity, but if there is anything important to trade, it is easy to trade it (if I wake up at 5 am Cyprus time)

Anyhow, in this post I will share what I do between 5 am and 08:30 am to kick start my day with motivation and plenty of good deeds done!


The first though that I try to put in my head is "Today is going to be an awesome day", this little though has a major impact on my day... because it sets my attitude to an expectant one.

Once I get out of bed I head straight to my station to check on any trades I have open and have a quick glimpse of the overnight news.

Once this is done I review my daily tasks and write down my quarterly goals.


Health is the first and most important wealth and exercise is one way to keep yourself in good shape. I exercise for just about 30 minutes a day and it has a profound impact on how I feel.


A nice cold shower will help you to wake up quickly and even put a smile on your face mainly because it is UNCOMFORTABLE and will put you right out of your comfort zone!

I started taking cold showers this year and they have changed my world...

Now, limitations are within the mind so what I do with meditation is I future pace my quarterly goals, I envision achieving these goals, living with them and having them. This right here is such a motivation booster and combined with a cold shower will literally put you in a field of acres of diamonds.

Start meditation and future pacing your goals, it will be life-changing!


Reading and listening (audio-books, podcasts etc) are the only two ways we can learn more and be more. The information we take into our minds is what we are programmed to be, most people chose to watch movies and scroll down on social media... and that is never productive.

That is why I chose to read or listen to something useful in the mornings, something which helps me learn something useful or something which can help me with making the day a success.

I try to combine my breakfast time with this, so save time.


My family is my everything, my biggest motivation... my mission in life is to become an excellent father and husband and the only way I can make that happen is by consistently... daily... strive to be better and do better for the ones I love and the ones that love me.

Family time must be something fun, so I try to find creative things I can talk about or do with my family everyday!


I'll end this one with the law of compensation... the "as you reap so shall you saw" idea.

Always strive to do more than you are paid for and eventually you will be paid more than you do. Once this happens, simply repeat!

Even tough I work 17 hour days, having this routine has helped me do more and acheive more than I would going randomly throughout my days.

That's it, this is how I kick start my day and it helps me to do a bunch by lunch which helps me be a winner by dinner!

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