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It's not too late to make 2018 a SUCCESS!

If 2018 is not working out great for you believe it or not, it is not too late to make a change and get on the path to success.

Will it be easy? Probably not, will it be worth it? You can bet your behind that it will!

I recently watched a video in which it said that procrastination happens because we fail to act on ideas in just about 3 seconds... now that is crazy but true... it is that little urge we get when we are wasting our time on social media scrolling down like a zombie and a flash idea comes which tells you to stop and do something else... well if you don't act on that idea in 3 seconds you will probably waste much more time on social media and slowly start dragging your motivation down.


The craziest thing I see happening over and over again (even with myself) is that many of us are not satisfied with the results we are generating in trading and in life and still we don't make a change. - Now that's crazy! And it is clearly a big problem.

When we don't change our attitude, our mindset won't change.

When we don't change our targets/goals, our skills won't improve.

When we don't change our trading approach, we'll continue to waste our money.

The success is in change... and that is how evolution works... keep changing and keep improving.

I can tell you right now from direct and personal experience, I was at my lows mentally, financially and pretty much in every aspect of my life, but what I can tell you is that ANYONE can make a comeback!

And the thing I learnt in my comeback is that firstly it is not too late to make 2018 a success but more importantly... I learnt (or was reminded) that until I change, nothing will change.

This is a lesson I learnt the hard way... but I get one chance at life and here's a crazy thing, so do you, and this life is not worth living in the shi* side of the "street", you deserve to have a good life and so does your family and it is in your hands to make that happen and it starts with you. - It always will.

So, without further ado, here are 2 things I did to make my comeback and seize 2018!

But, before I go into the two points I need you to understand that is that no matter how long you have been trading, you surely lack some specific skills that you need to make a BIG impact on your trading results.

So before we move into this, write down in the comments section the one thing that if you removed or improved would help you earn BIG returns in your trading?


I know it sounds silly because you probably think you are committed to the fullest, guess what? You aren't, otherwise you would be too busy doing your work and living your life instead of reading this article.

I committed myself to mastering my business, trading and myself, even though I faced (and still am facing) plenty of challenges, I decided to go all in and chase success relentlessly in all areas of my life.

I can now finally say that I am once again, the best version of myself simply because I have fully committed myself to win in health, happiness, family, wealth and wisdom!

Fully committing is the best decision I have made in 2018 and it is the main reason November and December will be the best months of my life! - Because I plan to make them the best months of my life but more importantly I will work my behind off to make sure they are!


Here's what I did... I took some time off from everyone apart from myself and my family. The habits of going for coffee or a drink with friends and waste hours speaking about non-productive things was removed, I killed my days off and put them in a grave right besides negative thoughts, but most importantly I focused on only bringing good in my life by thinking of how to always improve.

Commitment is not enough, I had to remove all possible distractions and the things that no longer served me in a positive way.

So in summary, we still have enough time to make 2018 a success but it starts with action, first in the mind, then in body and then in constant action!

My goal is to turn my $1,000 account into $6,000 by the end of the year and I will do everything I can to make that happen, yeah it is a crazy return but the thing about the markets is that there is no limit on how much you can earn... so why should I cap myself on small numbers... earning $6,000 will allow me to have a good Christmas with my family and have enough money in my account to target much higher ROI's in Q1 of 2019!

Anyway, I did ask you to leave a comment of the one thing that if you remove or improved would help you earn BIG returns, so if you didn't add it yet, what is your "ONE THING"?

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