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Forex Trade Ideas | October 22-26

We're about to being trading the last full forex trading week of October 2018... and when October goes we'll only have 2 months to make something special so 2018 can end with good results and better memories...

The only way we can get that to happen is by becoming relentless with our work. - Hard work is the little thing that makes a big difference, and I am not just speaking about trading here, I'm talking about your day job, your family and everything else which is important, such as good health.

You probably have some goals for 2018 right? If you are not on par to reach them do not think about lowering those goals... all you need to do is increase your actions and I promise, you'll do just fine!

Ok! Enough with the motivation lets get on the charts!

Keep in mind we are only looking to day or swing trade here and we will only focus on technical analysis.

EURUSD 4H TRADING CHART - High selling chance

Looking at the 4H EURUSD trading chart we see good chances of price-action heading lower in the new trading week. - But the daily indicates that there is still a little more to go up before we move down.

I see higher chances of a stronger USD in this new trading week, in anycase I've listed both the resistances and the supports of EURUSD below.

What I believe will happen is that EURUSD will head a little higher and make a new test of the closest resistance area (1.15305 - 1.1550) before moving lower to the first support level.

RESISTANCE AREAS: 1.15305 - 1.1550 | 1.15850 - 1.1605 SUPPORT AREAS: 1.14645 | 1.14355 | 1.13610

NZDUSD 4H TRADING CHART - High selling chance

NZDUSD tells us a very similar story, a strong USD might be coming... of-course we could be wrong, there could be a breakout to the upside... but if you watched my trading course or ever worked with me you will know that one of the forex trading rules is to "be just as ready to buy as we are to sell". - And we need to apply this rule always, because our goal is to make money and not just be right.

Just like EURUSD's trading chart, I mapped out the key support and resistance levels. You'll find them below.

I am already selling this pair since Friday, and it will be the last trade I trade on that specific account, I'm starting a new trading account which I connected to myfxbook and the starting balance is $1,000. I will be using this account in my trading room which goes live tomorrow at 04:00 am local UK time and I will be live 2 times a day! - I will tell you more about it soon!

RESISTANCE AREAS: 0.6600 | 0.6625

SUPPORT AREAS: 0.6675 | 0.6550 - 0.65380 | 0.6500

WTI DAILY TRADING CHART - High buying chance

Looking at WTI's 4H and Daily trading charts I see good reasons to buy... but we should be careful no matter what we see.

WTI has taken a hit recently but it found support at the bottom level of the trend line (RED), if this support does not hold then WTI could head south straight to the 67.30 support level, if the support holds (As I believe it will hold) then we should make a test of the 71.50 level (yellow dotted area).

I will probably enter a buy trade here, but in any case I will let you know in my TRADING ROOM. - Which you should definitely be a part of!

MY TRADING ROOM IS ACTIVE AGAIN. Here's what matters: I have created two separate rooms, one is free for all to enter and the second one costs $20 monthly. I will be active two times a trading day, once in the morning (Europe time) and the second time in the evening... I will release all trades I am entering, why I am entering them and how... so this is the best way to learn how I trade because it is live education.

I will also release LIVE videos of analysis, tips, trades and education. I will focus on the following trading styles using my trading system:

- 45% Day Trading

- 45% Swing Trading

- 10% Trend Trading

I would LOVE it if you joined the free room and if you like it, then lets get you enrolled in the paid one too! You can join by clicking here.


Look for month-to-month progress, not a 1 day wonder. Just focus on one trade at a time and one day at a time but look into the near future for your success, not in a day.

Also, don't expect to trade full time and pay your bills, buy ferarris and live on the beach... trading is just as hard as being an expert doctor... it takes years of practice and study but more importantly... it takes balls to act on risks. I highly recommend having a job and trade on the side... I am about to release a course which teaches you how to trade the markets for just 30 mins a day... how to incorporate it into having a family, a full time job and a LIFE! :)

Good luck guys and girls!

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