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2 Super Trading Tips


Becoming successful in anything, whether this is trading the markets, having a successful marriage or earning more money starts with us. It is all in our hands and it always will be so.

In this post I want to bring your attention to 2 super trading tips which can have a profound effect on the results you generate in trading the markets.

I will try to keep this post short and direct as currently I am quite busy with trying to sell my services to brokers so I can train their employees to be professionals which it comes to customer service, the markets and everything else that can help them help their clients (traders) become better.

Now, lets head straight into this post!


Not even magic will make you better in trading until you decide to be great. - Until you decide to be a winner.

The average trader is average not because of the lack of skills he or she has... but because of the lack of commitment he/she adds to his/her trading.

The trading strategies I share in my course (and the other courses I will upload soon to Udemy) are quite powerful but they will not work for you or anyone else without the commitment to be a winner.

I have worked with and trained at least 2,000 when it comes to the markets... and the biggest problem I found 80% of the traders make is that they had no real, bulletproof commitment to winning.

Now to be a winner in the markets you do need plenty of skills and sooooo much know-how that it will take months and years of the right education and application to succeed. - You can't expect to read a book or watch a video and start earning from the markets... it takes time, practice, losses...

The very best trading strategies in the world will not work without your willingness and commitment to greatness. To winning.

So, if you want to become a profitable trader you need to decide right now to be the best in this industry, and then you gotta do whatever it takes every single day to make that happen!

After fooling around with sales for about 3 years I finally committed to becoming great at it. I quit comparing myself to those people in the forums... I stopped searching for algorithms that will do all the work and make me millions... the thing that changed my fortune is I made a serious commitment to becoming great at trading... to become a professional and I did something everyday which helped me become better.

I invested the resources, energy and time it took to become great. I watched videos on specific information, I read books, I tried, I failed, I listened to audio-books and charted every single day to follow up on my commitment.

I am Committed to GREATNESS and I need you to become committed too, if you can't then don't risk your money in the markets because trading is a tough business!


When it comes to actual trading... the day I stopped using indicators... and making my chart look like a Christmas card I started seeing some better results... when I started focusing on risk management things started improving even more... but it wasn't enough... I still lost and wasn't earning enough to make trading the markets worthwhile.

But, when I removed over-trading (entering every single trade idea I found) things really started kicking up! - I finally started earning money!

But... when it comes to earning money trading full time is not the best option... you need to have a day job and have trading as a second income until one day when your account goes to 5 or even 6 digits big can you actually sustain a real monthly income from trading.

This is where most people make a mistake. They have high expectations, little commitment and a sh** ton of pressure to succeed and this kind of pressure is the wrong kind of pressure.

Thus, before we continue... to make trading simple have an income to sustain your life and expenses.

Now, here is how you keep your trading simple... (My personal approach)

1. Have a clean chart and only trading with price action

2. I only look for chart patterns and 2 candlestick patterns to make my trading decisions

3. I trade using key trading levels (support & resistance zones)

4. No risk = No reward... but keep your risk per trade not higher than 5% (for me it is 7.5% max risk per trade right now)

You can learn more about my approach in a course I released on Udemy last year and by using this link you will get a 50% discount on the price.

Point number 2 in summary is keep your trading simple... don't rush but do take action, because without risk there can be no reward.

Before I let you go, I am about to release a second course this week and I will be giving away 20 FREE tickets to it. The price of the course is $99.00 and you will get life-time access to you, but free is always better right? - So to get a free ticket to the course just comment below stating you are interested and share this post on your social media and i'll make sure you get the free access.

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