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Joining The Greats in Trading Forex, Cryptos & Stocks

Let's start this post with a question, do you know how you can become one of the greats in trading the markets, one of the masters?

The very first step you need to take, and the most important one, is to commit all the way!

Commit: To devote oneself completely to something.

Regardless of what you want to succeed in... playing chess, trading, having a successful career, being rich and wealth... or just healthy and happy, you must devote yourself completely. You need to go all-in as they say in the Poker business.

If you are a person who wants to earn money in the markets, regardless if this is trading forex, crypto, stocks or anything else you must devote yourself, your thoughts, energy, and your resources to a career in trading.

If you aren’t a person who can do that then you should seriously stop wasting your time and money because that is exactly what will happen.

Trading the markets, at least successfully, requires you to have the necessary know-how of a lot of things and they range between risk management, a complete trading system and a lot of other things... but it also takes "balls" (courage) to take risks and act on your ideas.

Look, i'll shoot straight here... if you want to be successful in trading the markets you better get it to your core that your success still depends on specific skills, and you need to learn and apply them.

Trading the markets is just as hard as being a doctor, the hard part of being a doctor is you need to know EVERYTHING about your specific sector... and trading is exactly the same.

You have to convince yourself that there are "things" you have to learn in order to get your way in the markets and that this is where you are going to make your riches.

It will not be easy, but as the saying goes... it will be worth it.

How does a person commit to success?

One of the best ways is eliminate any and all other options and devote yourself to learning everything you can about trading forex, cryptos, stocks and so on.

You've gotta become a fanatic, 1000% committed, all in, a Super Freak! - You have to burn your bridges and get on going!

Here's the best way I learnt to explain "how to commit" to something...

Committing is as simple as picking a place to park your car. Find a spot, pull in, and get out of the car. You don’t keep looking for another space in which to park. COMMIT AND BE DONE WITH IT.

Committing is when you make a firm decision, you quit wondering, and then you follow through on your commitment with actions.

For example when you get married, the best advice I can give you is to quit looking for a new partner. - Most people these days get divorced because they are unsatisfied with their current partner and start looking around.

Can you find someone more beautiful, smarter, and happier? - Yes, you probably can, but that’s not committing. Committing means you are in all the way, you are done looking, and you make the person you have committed to the prettiest, the smartest, and the happiest.

I would rather commit to the wrong thing all the way than commit to the right thing only halfway.

It's pretty simple... when you start thinking that the grass is greener “over there” you become a person who never commits to taking care of the pasture you already have. You basically end up mediocre and miserable.

I know many people who wonder through life expecting things to just happen... success in anything takes hard work and a hell of a lot of persistence.... but without commitment it is all worthless.

Thinking about it now, whenever I failed in business or in personal life... I wasn't 1000% committed and that I started changing in the last few months of this year.

Remember this, while there may be greener pastures, they’re green because someone committed.

Weeds grow in every field, and if you don’t commit to it all the way, you’ll neglect it. When you neglect it, you’ll start to dislike it, and then you’ll start peering over the neighbor’s fence and thinking that what he has is better.

It’s only better because your neighbor committed. So commit to your trading career, commit to learning about risk management, stop loss entries, trade management.... commit to making your life a pursuit of happiness.

Commit to learning everything you can, dedicate yourself to your success and watch how much green your trading career will become.

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