January 30, 2019

What things do you do to get that extra edge in business and your life?

Chances are you've taken some courses, gone to a seminar, or read a book or two.

But the easiest way to achieve an edge in your trading and your income is surround yourself with already have the edge...

January 28, 2019

By reading personal development books I found many very useful strategies which have helped me on my quest for success in life, business and trading.

There is actually a very simple strategy which I found not too long ago and started to apply to my life.

The strategy i...

January 26, 2019

I speak a lot about the magic of compounding... it is a powerful element to success and failure but it goes beyond this.. compounding forms habits both good and bad, but it also can create your wealthy or make you poor. 

In the below video I explain how it works and wha...

January 24, 2019

Recently I made an important switch in the platform we are using for our trading community... because I always look for ways to provide more value and efficiency this move made a lot of sense! 

The new platform we are using is created by one of the largest and most impo...

January 23, 2019

Tomorrow, Thursday January 24th, at 19:30 UK local time we will re-launch our Thunder Trading Room. 

We had much success back in 2016 and 2017 with the Thunder Room when PipsMatter was alive and fully active, but due to the personal breaks and challenges in health I sto...

January 22, 2019

The last few years have been a mess for me personally... I drifted, worked on things and at the end of the day achieved little... actually, dug myself into a whole of unhappiness, challenges which turned into problems, promises without delivery and overall failure... 


January 22, 2019

Not too long ago we released an alert in our trading community that I am buying EURUSD. 

Detailed of the trade idea can be found in the below video. The trade idea is solid and at the time of writing this post EURUSD is testing the bottom level of the price action contr...

January 21, 2019

I've read for the second time now the amazing book by Darren Hardy, the Compound Effect. I really decided to go BIG this year and I cannot let the normal challenges of life put me down. 

I recorded a quick few minute video to go over the basic points of this book which...

January 18, 2019

There is a very big difference between trading and investing... and since it is my duty to grow the knowledge of my trading community I decided to write up this post to explain the difference.

In this post I trust to give you enough specific information to understand th...

January 15, 2019

Welcome to the day of the long-awaited Brexit vote which is happening in the House of Commons. The voting will begin at 20:00 CET.

It is essential to know that a defeat of PM Theresa May's Brexit deal is widely expected, so markets will probably not react to the defeat...

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